Courses For Millennials

                           Course # 501 Personal Branding For Creatives 

Investment: This is a 1.5 hour online course in personal branding for Creatives with actionable steps to success on a budget:

  • How to capture the metrics that matter to agents, publishers, producers and the most authentic brands – that are looking for you!
  • After “who are you?'”, how to tell your story of “why you?” are great at………”
  • How to identify and reach your perfect target audience
  • Creative options to engage your audience, and expand your online reach
  • Building the best media presence, for you!

Course includes: Individual, baseline online assessment; 1.5 hour online course with interactions with real-time instructor, post-course online assessment, “Certification by Sealed Speed” and a personalized 3 minute podcast course review – just for you!

(Classes are limited to 35 attendees)