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ferrari“We are committed to empowering every generation to create the world as you would wish it to be. Whether it’s our work with creators to capture the metrics that prove what you create has a great audience, so you can ‘just create more’ or training so you can successfully navigate to where you wish to be in life; we’re here to help clear a path to your success!”  

                                                                ~ Jackie Bassett, CEO Sealed Speed

                                            Chris McCarthy: Chief Creative Officer

Chris FishingOur creative genius who sees everything in this world, very differently. His disruptive thinking inspires everyone who works with him to pick up their game. This ‘millennial miracle’ who was once told he’ll not survive his car crash, uses his laser-sharp wit to deliver exactly the message every audience is looking for. He is personally engaging, affable and the most authentic professional you’ll ever meet.

                                                 Richard Zotra: Director of Research

Zotra pci

Data-driven delivery of research reports that provide actionable insights from multiple sources of free-flowing texts, unstructured information. Custom analysis to evaluate hypotheses, segmentation comparison and further insight discovery report creation. Identifying unique patterns with exponential predictive accuracy  and capacity planning at the Board of Director level.

                                                        Board of Advisors

Health Care: Daniel Rothman                  Technology: Kelly Peterson

Media: Erik Werner        Brands: Sandrijn Stead      Athletics: Cliff Arthur

                Contact us via email: donb@Sealedspeed.com or call (857)244-9114

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Courses For Millennials

                           Course # 501 Personal Branding For Creatives  (more…)

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Who I Am Is……..

               Imagine –  Getting Hired For What You Are Great At! 

So, you just want meaningful work, created by taking who you really are and turning it into something that changes the world! Are you a singer-songwriter? A fashion designer? A video artist? A creative writer? A problem solver? A new product creator? A business owner seeking to make the world a better place?

Discovering the right company or great opportunity that is already looking for you, starts when you answer the question  – What Am I Great At?  

                                          So, your “Who I Am Is…….